Car Crying – 3 Steps to Grieving While Driving

Ok, your first step is to actually park your car. I’ve mislead you a bit with my subtitle. It’s true, I have driven while crying, that’s not unheard of. But let’s be clear, I’d really like you to pull over and then cry.

I’ll get to my 3 steps shortly.

I’m not opposed to showing my feelings, however, the thing I’ve noticed about myself is that when I’m with my kids, I’m in “Mom-Mode” and apparently “Mom-Mode” doesn’t have a Cry Function Button.

I get busy with all the mommying I need to do – wiping faces, bums, feeding them, cleaning up after them ¬†– that there doesn’t leave much time for crying or processing my emotions.

The kids actually saved me when Steve, my husband of only 4 years, died suddenly over 2.5 years ago. The kids gave me my smiles. They gave me a reason to go on, to get up out of bed. I had to do it for them. And I had to do it for him. I was a solo parent now. And I promised him I would take care of the girls. But they never saw me cry.

I quickly found that the solitude of my minivan was where I felt comfortable enough to cry. All alone, windows up, parked.

It’s really important fo you to let your emotions out. We bottle them up and then let them rip on people we love or they turn into chronic stress which leads to or worsens a whole host of chronic diseases.

So here are your steps to Car Crying. (Take it from the expert)

  1. Park your car – the first reason is for your safety. If you are balling your face off then you can’t really focus on the road. My favourite spots were facing fences, backs of stores or in the driveway where passersby couldn’t really see. And if they did, who cares!?
  2. Pick a time – it’s best to do your car crying at the end of your day or when you’ve got time to mop up afterwards. Some people it’s obvious that they’ve been crying. My sister has always been jealous of me that I don’t really look like a hot mess after crying. (Sorry sis! I don’t know what to tell you.) And if people see you’ve been crying, who cares?! It’s healthy to let out your emotions. Please refer them to this blog ūüėČ
  3. Pick your tunes – create your “Songs to Cry to” playlist. When my emotions get pent up and I know they are going to explode, I just put on my playlist and it’s much easier to let them go. Some of the real kickers are “To where you are” by Josh Grobin and “See you again” by Carrie Underwood. Also thrown in there is our wedding song.

I feel so much better after a good cry. Sometimes my emotions can be stirring and under the surface for a week and they just need to get out. And then I feel better. Give it a try. This doc recommends it.

If you can’t stop crying… ever… or if it’s really bad during your PMS time and not getting any better, come see me. Book a free 15¬†meet the doctor and let’s chat about how to get you feeling more like yourself.

Talk soon,

Dr. Whitney

Meet our new intern

Do you have a friend or family member who would benefit from seeing a naturopath but has limited funds? Now is the perfect opportunity to become a patient and get an individualized plan.

Francesca is joining our clinic this week for the next couple months to complete her naturopathic studies.

Her super powers: She’s a brilliant mom of 3 and has a special interest in fertility, pregnancy and babies.¬†

Francesca will be supervised by one of the naturopathic doctors at Rooted, so your friend or family member has the benefit of 2 people working on their plan.

Costs are reduced:

  • First Visit $60
  • Follow ups or Acupuncture $30

Contact the clinic or simply book online under “Student Intern”

See you soon!

I was in heaven…

I have heard stories about it’s grandeur… I’ve heard that I would spend a lot of money there… I didn’t know it was so big! So vast! With so many options, things to choose from. I think I almost hyperventilated when I arrived at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket for the first time. I texted Steve… “I’m in heaven!”

me at nature's emporium nat emp2

It was amazing. I think I was pretty tame in my shopping but still spent a bit. Here’s what was on my list for those who might be interested in what a naturopathic doctor might pick up at one of these stores.

  1. Organic nectarines and apples – I wanted these to make some more baby food for Jillian
  2. Yummy cheese – they had over 10 samples of different cheeses and I got hooked on one. It tastes like parmesan but is more rich
  3. Natural dish and laundry detergent – don’t need harsh chemicals in our house
  4. Plates and bowls made of corn for Jillian to eat off of. They are like plastic so she won’t be able to break them.
  5. An organic chicken that I cooked in my slow cooker – check out my recipe
  6. Steve’s favourite hummus in a big container!

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Doulas in Barrie

If you are pregnant or on your fertility journey, thinking about having a doula is something to put on your list. We chose to have a doula for a few reasons.

  1. My husband works out of town and I wanted to have someone there if I went into labour in the middle of winter and he was stuck out of town.
  2. I wanted an unbiased person (not family) to help us through the emotional decisions if anything went wrong
  3. My mom had attended other births but I didn’t know what type of support she would give me
  4. I wanted someone there to help me with my breathing, give massage and help with coping strategies in case my husband forgot our pre-natal training or needed assistance or ideas
  5. I didn’t think I wanted photos of the birth but I’m so glad she took them and I have them now
  6. I knew my midwives would be focused on the clinical aspect and wouldn’t come until very close to the birth

Debra was amazing. The birth was amazing. I’ll tell you more about it another time. In the meantime, think about attending this doula information night event if you are curious about doulas.

what is a doula? information night

what is a doula? information night

Mom & Baby Classes

I’m taking a great class with Jillian called The Fourth Trimester Class with Kathy from the Serenity Birth Studio. It’s worth the drive from Barrie, Orillia or wherever you and your baby live in Simcoe County.

My class has 12 other moms and babies. We cover all topics from our birth story to breastfeeding to getting enough sleep.

It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house and bond over the joys and stressors of motherhood. I highly recommend her classes.


Turbo Tanya

Fitness studios can be intimidating to many people.  Whether they are first time exercisers or they are currently experiencing bad body image, many gyms can be overwhelming.

Many fitness instructors are small, fit, and have never been overweight.  Many of them follow a strict diet and exercise program to keep themselves trim.  For over eaters, this can be problematic as they may not feel understood by these instructors and their suggestions may not seem realistic.

Enter Turbo Tanya.  I had the pleasure of gabbing with her last week and what a delight she is.  Her story is inspirational.  Tanya weighed over 200 lbs at her highest.  She lost weight and created this wonderful little studio in Barrie.

Tanya is real, bright, funny and supportive.  Her studio is personal, and comfortable.

I look forward to checking out one her classes.