How do you receive body comments?

Other people commenting on my body has been a push and pull throughout my life.

While I was actively dieting and trying to be small I thought that I loved it; thought that it was what I wanted. But it never felt good.

When I gave up dieting and started to focus on self love and true health, people’s well meaning compliments really messed me up.

Read more about my experience over on The Diet Rebellion blog.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Kerri


Breech Babies Turn 30% More With Our Therapy

baby bump

Dr. Whitney’s 1st baby bump back in Sept 2013

At our clinic we often use the Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique known as moxibustion to help turn babies from breech into the proper birth position. Now, there is scientific evidence proving its effectiveness published in 2013 “Acupuncture and Medicine” journal. 3 arms of the study were compared:

  1. True moxibustion plus regular prenatal care was compared with
  2. Sham moxibustion (done on an ineffective point)and regular prenatal care and also compared with
  3. Regular prenatal care

This study found that the moxibustion performed helped turn the baby 30% more often. This is great evidence supporting our therapy we have been using since day 1.

If you are pregnant and between 32-35 weeks gestation, consider coming to the clinic for our acupuncture intake session with your partner. Here is the protocol you will follow:

  • Call or email us to book a special Acupuncture Intake appointment
  • Come with your partner or a friend who will learn the technique
  • During your appointment get a moxibustion treatment and instructions
  • Leave with instructions and supplies to perform at home daily 20 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks

After you have your beautiful baby, come on back in for a well baby check and let us help you with the numerous questions you will have.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Whitney Young ND & Dr. Kerri Fullerton ND

Hate Getting Your Photo Taken?

Hi there,

We were at at tradeshow recently and asked the woman from the booth across from us to take our photo in front of our booth for our Facebook page and friends. When we asked if we could return the favour she said “I don’t do photos.”

Sadly, a reported 41% of women hate getting their photo taken. Another report found that 97% of women reported having at least one “I hate my body/body part/something about themselves thought each and every day.

Talk about an epidemic!

Now look at this photo of my daughter.

J holding up the trees

She’s looking straight at the camera, posing strong enough to hold up those two trees. Smiling, not hiding any parts of her body. She’s confident and ready to be exactly who she is.

Ok, she’s only about a year and a half in this picture but when will she start to hate her body or herself?

My hope? Never.

My calling is to help women all around the world raise powerful and confident daughters. There are too many sad statistics of what can happen to a young girl or teen with low self-esteem.

Let’s make a change in this next generation.

Well at least I’m going to give it a try with my daughter.

Talk soon,


Rooted has a new PCOS tea blend

There are many different hormonal imbalances involved in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  (PCOS).  As such, different herbal blends work for different types of PCOS patients.

Dr. Whitney and Dr. Kerri show off their new PCOS tea at the Bridal Show.

Dr. Whitney and Dr. Kerri show off their new PCOS tea at the Bridal Show.

Our tea blend is geared to those women with high androgens (high testosterone and high DHEA) which is what often causes the acne and hair growth.

Spearmint tea helps lower the DHEA, the total testosterone and free testosterone.

Green tea helps to increase the sex hormone-binding globulin which helps to mop up the extra testosterone.  Green tea has also been linked to a two-fold increase in fertility.

The studies to reduce the hormones were done over two months so don’t expect to drink just one cup every once in a while to see the changes.  Two cups per day is required for this therapeutic effect.

That said, it’s a tasty tea that can be enjoyed by anybody anytime.

PCOS blend is available at Simply Tea and Chocolate downtown Barrie and at Rooted Naturopathic Clinic

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Our new welcome video

We had a great morning filming this a few weeks ago. We invited some of our favourite people to star in our short welcome video with us. Erin Smith, RMT (705) 796-1489 and her husband Guy and little Henry. We also had our good friend Trudy who works next door at Therapeutic Mobility. She’s the one getting acupuncture and cupping. Our video was shot by Carole who is a lovely local videographer. She was so fun to work with.

Check it out and share with your friends!