Bubble-Wrapped Babies

17% of new moms are suffering from postpartum anxiety versus only 5% who are suffering from postpartum depression. This is at an all-time high!

So what can we do about it?

Here, I chat about some moms from my practice and my online mommy group Guiltless Grace.

There are 3 steps you can start to take to decrease your mommy worry.

  1. 100 Deep breaths a day – simple and safe strategy to start decreasing the stress
  2. Take it off – take things off your plate. You don’t have to be super mom or wonder woman and do it all. Your standards can change when you have a baby. You have so much more on your plate, so take some things off.
  3. Ask for Help – ask me for help – we can talk about supplements, diet and mommy mentoring strategies to help you feel sane again. Ask your friends and family for help. You don’t have to do it all.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m here for you!

Talk soon,

Dr. Whitney

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Teas for Pregnancy

Teas for Pregnancy

Teas for Pregnancy

We get this question all the time! Our patient comes in for a visit, newly pregnant, and wants to know which teas she can continue drinking.

I know you think there’s a lot to be afraid of. This new little life growing inside of you depends on you. So you want to know everything you can do to keep him or her as safe as possible.

I get it – I grew 2 of those inside me.

But the other thing you should know is that fear, worry and anxiety aren’t good for your baby either.  The more you can do to try to reduce stress, the better.

So, take this guide, have a time-out and drink some tea. It’s a good start.

Here’s your tea guide.

  1. Some herbs are safe – stick to this list and if you are interested in taking herbal capsules or treatment to treat something like Nausea & Vomiting, UTI, Yeast Infections, Colds or Iron Deficiency, come talk to us first.
  2. Rotate teas – don’t drink the same kind of tea day in and day out all the time. It’s best if you have a few that you like and rotate through them.
  3. Max 3 cups a day. Beverage and nutritive teas are considered safe in pregnancy in moderate amounts. We usually say max 3 cups a day but remember to rotate. So ideally not the same type all day long.

Teas to Choose From:

  • Red raspberry
  • Spearmint
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm
  • Nettles
  • Rose hips
  • Ginger
  • Anything Berry or fruit based
  • Caffeine free – Green tea (occasional use)

If you have questions about something that isn’t on this list, let us know and we’d be happy to tell you if it’s something that would be good for you for the short term or should be avoided completely.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Whitney Young, ND

3 Secrets to a Successful Birth

3 Secrets to a Successful Birth

Hi there,

Success is defined by everyone in many different ways. Your definition of a successful birth is different than mine. However, at the end of the day, however your little one came into your life, you can still have a successful birth.

Here are my 3 secrets to having a successful “birth” day.

Gift of Gratitude

Your baby is your new gift. You have been waiting 9 long months or much longer for this gift. You may have been on a fertility journey that had so many ups and downs that you can’t believe your gift is finally here!

The gift of gratitude is realizing that no matter how your baby arrived there are some things you can still be grateful for.

Perhaps its your amazing, supportive partner. Maybe you’re grateful your baby came on a specific date that has meaning to you. Maybe you’re grateful for your baby’s health despite a difficult delivery.

If you had a hard labour and delivery, pick 1 or 2 things you are still so grateful for despite it all and savour those. Then savour your secret…

Savour Your Secret

You and your baby just spent the last 9 months with a special relationship no one else was 100% a part of. You had your own language together, you spoke to her and she kicked back.

Now that she’s born, she is a part of the world. Savour Your Secret. Save the texting for a little bit later. Hold back sending pictures or posting on Facebook. She is only your secret for a few precious moments.

Enjoy your precious newborn and your new relationship together. Take her all in before sharing her with the rest of the world. It’s ok to be selfish for this special moment.

Sing a Song

Before both my girls were born I had a special dessert ready for their arrival.

For my first, I had a friend bake gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and I froze them so they would be there for her birth. For my second I baked strawberry rhubarb muffins and they were ready just in time.

We lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday to my baby for the very first time on her birthday. It was such a simple and beautiful moment that I will treasure forever.

With this birth, my older one is 2 years old so she was very excited for this ritual and it was she who got to blow out the candle for her new little sister! It was a great way to get her involved and celebrate our newest family member.

So however, your little one comes into the world – Enjoy your Gift of Gratitude, Savour Your Secret and Sing a Song. You are truly blessed.

Talk soon,


Breech Babies Turn 30% More With Our Therapy

baby bump

Dr. Whitney’s 1st baby bump back in Sept 2013

At our clinic we often use the Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique known as moxibustion to help turn babies from breech into the proper birth position. Now, there is scientific evidence proving its effectiveness published in 2013 “Acupuncture and Medicine” journal. 3 arms of the study were compared:

  1. True moxibustion plus regular prenatal care was compared with
  2. Sham moxibustion (done on an ineffective point)and regular prenatal care and also compared with
  3. Regular prenatal care

This study found that the moxibustion performed helped turn the baby 30% more often. This is great evidence supporting our therapy we have been using since day 1.

If you are pregnant and between 32-35 weeks gestation, consider coming to the clinic for our acupuncture intake session with your partner. Here is the protocol you will follow:

  • Call or email us to book a special Acupuncture Intake appointment
  • Come with your partner or a friend who will learn the technique
  • During your appointment get a moxibustion treatment and instructions
  • Leave with instructions and supplies to perform at home daily 20 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks

After you have your beautiful baby, come on back in for a well baby check and let us help you with the numerous questions you will have.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Whitney Young ND & Dr. Kerri Fullerton ND

Well-Baby Visits


We love seeing healthy babies in our practice. We also see the sick ones but we more often than not are assessing a new baby. Here’s what you can expect from your well-baby visit for the first visit:

  • review of pregnancy & birth history
  • recommendations for any current symptoms
  • physical exam including – hair, skin, lymph nodes, abdomen, ears, heart and lung check, weight, height and head circumference
  • charting on the growth chart
  • information for stages where you are at now e.g. natural solutions for fevers, coughs & colds, food introduction, teething

Our baby patient then come to see us at set intervals so we can help track their growth and development as well as address any concerns that have come up since we saw them last. This is a safe place for you to bring your baby where we have the time to listen to your concerns. Babies also come in for acute visits for 15 or 30 minutes to address things you don’t want to take them to the walk-in clinic for.

Also, check out our new baby scale that we can accurate weigh your baby and toddler up to 40lbs!

baby scale

5 Reasons to Workout During Pregnancy

A guest post written By: Jocelyn Davies, PFS, RHN, BSc

As a Prenatal Fitness Specialist I often get asked the question “Jocelyn, is it safe to workout during pregnancy?”

The answer I tell most people is…Yes!

 Of course, there are some women who will not be able to workout during pregnancy due to specific conditions, complications or previous health related issues.

I always recommend that women consult with their doctor before starting any exercise regime.

In general however, working out during pregnancy can benefit your pregnant body and your growing baby.  Keep in mind that pregnancy is not the time to lose weight or join a new competitive sport, but it is however, an excellent opportunity to focus on fitness maintenance and healthy weight gain.

Here are 5 way that working out during pregnancy can help you and your baby.

It will give you strength and endurance for labour. 

  • Exercising during pregnancy helps build the strength and endurance needed for the length and intensity of labour. Staying active during pregnancy is associated with shorter labours and can even help avoid a C-section, or other labour interventions.


You will be less likely to develop pregnancy related health issues.

  • Common pregnancy ailments and discomforts such as back pain, varicose veins, fatigue, and disrupted sleep can be improved by moderate exercise. Physically active women are also less likely to develop more serious conditions, such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.


Your baby will be smarter. 

  • Researchers at the University of Montreal have reported that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times per week enhances a newborn child’s brain development.


Your baby will be stronger. 

  • Babies of exercising mothers have been shown to be less stressed during labour. Judging by fetal heart rates, babies of exercising mothers tolerate contractions much better than babies of non-active mothers.

You will recover from pregnancy quicker. 


  • Getting regular exercise during pregnancy can result in less pregnancy pounds overall, and help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster.

No doubt about it, exercising during pregnancy is a big plus for both you, and your baby. Visit our website www.mumandbubs.com or contact Jocelyn at Mum & Bubs Health and Fitness for more information about our prenatal fitness classes.  Phone: 705-305-1975.


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