Does OHIP cover Rooted’s services?
What about other extended insurance policies?

OHIP does not cover the services provided by Rooted’s practitioners. Most extended insurance policies include Naturopathic Medicine.  You should check with your insurance provider for coverage details.

Are our conversations and my medical information confidential?
Confidentiality is a primary concern for this office. No information about you or your circumstances is shared without your written permission. There may be times where it is appropriate for you to choose to have specific information shared with other health practitioners, but that choice is yours.

Do you prescribe supplements and medications?
Our practices are not based on prescription of supplements; however, they can be a valuable element of care. We do have some supplements available for patient purchase and, should we decide that particular products would be of benefit to you, we can recommend where to purchase them or access them on your behalf.

What if I’m already being treated by my MD?
All of the services available from Rooted practitioners are complementary to the medical care you receive from Ontario’s medical system. Naturopathic Doctors speak the same language as medical doctors and are very willing to work co-operatively with your current healthcare providers.

Do I have to take my clothes off during treatments?
For most treatments you will not need to remove your clothing. As much as possible, clothes are left on but moved as required. For example during acupuncture, clothes need to be moved out of the way but not necessarily removed.

What can I expect from our visits?

Free 15 minute consultation: This consultation allows time for you to meet one of our doctors and ask any questions you may have. During this visit you can also introduce your health concerns, though no diagnosis or treatments will be given at this time. Based on this visit you can decide if naturopathic care is right for you.

First visit:
This visit includes an in-depth discussion of your past, present and future health concerns. You can expect your first visit to last about one hour.

Second visit:
During this visit you will be presented the findings from your first visit and a treatment plan will be proposed. The plan may include either a single approach or a combination of modalities. The second visit will be half an hour in length.

Follow-up visits:
Frequency of follow-up visits depends on the condition being addressed and the therapies chosen. Usual follow-ups are a half hour to an hour in length.

What kind of training do Naturopathic Doctors have?
Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) have a minimum of seven years post-secondary education. An undergraduate degree with a focus on human sciences is a pre-requisite to acceptance at a naturopathic school. NDs receive extensive training in basic medical sciences, differential diagnosis and treatment. The fourth year of naturopathic training is spent in clinic, providing quality naturopathic care under the supervision of licensed Naturopathic Doctors.

How are Naturopathic Doctors regulated?
In Ontario, NDs are regulated by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy – Naturopathy. To know if an ND is registered with the board, ask for their registration number. Should you choose, you can then call the board to double check on the doctor’s registration.

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