Acupuncture improves your fertility

Acupuncture treatments are one of the biggest reasons women and men struggling to get pregnant come see us at Rooted for our Fertility Tranquility Program. They’ve heard from a friend or read online that acupuncture can help them get pregnant.

It’s true. There are studies to support the use of acupuncture during your fertility journey.

I’ve got patients who’ve only just started trying to conceive and they want to help manage their stress and anxiety during this time. They also want to increase their chances of it happening naturally for them.

I also have couples that come to see me who have started working with a medical fertility clinic. The traditional fertility clinics are great at diagnosing problems and then putting the egg and sperm together and working on timing. What they’re not great at, typically, is egg and sperm quality as well as managing stress, coaching about diet and supplements that will increase their chances of the medical treatments working.

Acupuncture may help in the following ways:

  • relieving stress and anxiety of fertility treatments
  • increasing blood flow to the uterus to help with lining
  • normalizing hormonal function
  • empowering women to know they are doing something. That they are not just waiting for their next period
  • increased success of IVF (invitro-fertilization)

New Hours Available!

We are thrilled to have Dr. Ashley Nelson, ND, join us to expand our acupuncture hours to our patients. She comes to us with a lot of acupuncture experience and a very gentle bedside manner. Click here to book directly with Ashley for acupuncture if you are already a patient of our clinic.

If you aren’t a patient of the clinic yet and would like to know how we can help you with your particular situation, please book a Free Fertility Introduction with Dr. Whitney Young, ND, our natural fertility expert.

How our clinic works

  1. Book your Free Fertility Introduction with Dr. Whitney
  2. Then book your Intake session – either individual or couples with Dr. Whitney
  3. After the intake process you can then start your acupuncture sessions with one of our naturopaths
  4. Please call if you have any questions! 705-792-6717

Wherever you are on your journey to having a baby or another baby, we are here to help.

Dr. Whitney


Start with this Fertility Book First

This is my go-to book for women wanting to get pregnant or coming off the birth control pill. Our bodies send us signals to let us know what is happening. For most women, our cycles are a mystery! I can admit, mine was too. I had no clue that I could watch the subtle signs my body was giving me to let me know when I was at my most fertile. So, if you are on the beginning of your fertility journey or it’s a couple years away until you want to start a family, now is a great time to start tracking your cycles and getting to know your body. Not everyone has a perfect 28 day cycle and ovulates on day 14. We are all individuals.  So, go get this book or check out their website. Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


Whitney Young, ND

Taking charge of your fertility

Taking charge of your fertility

Boost your fertility by doing nothing

I was at the Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium a couple of weekends ago listening to a seminar about Chinese Medicine and Artificial Reproductive Techniques (translation: acupuncture for IVF).

The speaker was amazing and I grabbed quite a few tips from him that day.  Here is one that I believe to be brilliant.

Sit and do nothing for 15 minutes each day.

By nothing I mean just that – no TV, no phone, no reading…just nothing.

For most of my fertility patients in Barrie and Orillia, it would be easier to ask them to get to the moon.  I mean really, NOTHING?

Try it for 2 weeks.  Train your family that when you’re having your ‘nothing time’ that they do not interrupt short of an emergency (bleeding or fire would be good boundaries here).

What does nothing feel like?  Please share your experiences.