The Peanut Plan – Preventing Baby Peanut Allergies

3 Steps for Introducing Peanuts to your Baby

Preventing Baby Peanut Allergies

Allergies – Preventing Peanut Allergies

I was devastated to discover that my little sweet daughter was allergic to nuts! You expect your children to be perfect, right?

Well I did. I expected, since I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, that my kids were going to be the healthiest. I was going to do everything right and they would be the epitomy of health. So funny! I think I was bit delusional.

Being a first time mom, I guess I really didn’t have a concept of my plans and what actually would happen. You plan on doing everything right: going all organic, being a perfect mom, feeding them in a serene environment with only the best.

But life doesn’t happen that way. You are low on cash, so don’t buy this or that organic. You are at a friend’s house and your baby eats something you hadn’t planned. You swore you wouldn’t do antibiotics or meds for fevers but you do – and believe me – THAT’S OK!

This is actually a good thing. It really taught me to roll with it, to be more flexible. It’s also not healthy for my child if I’m a stressed out, neurotic mom who thinks everything they put in their mouth is poison. That won’t help them develop a healthy relationship with food.

So, back to the peanut thing. Yes, little Jillian turned out to have an anaphylactic reaction to walnuts and peanuts while in our home. Luckily it didn’t block her airways, she could breathe, but it was scary for sure. She vomited, was itching her face and tongue, and kept coughing. It was scary! So, how could I prevent baby peanut allergies in my newborn who would come along 2 years later?

Allergies are the earliest chronic disease to develop and the most common one in children.

The 8 most common allergies for kids are:

  1. Milk
  2. Shellfish
  3. Soy
  4. Treenuts
  5. Ragweed
  6. Bees
  7. Wheat
  8. Peanuts

People ask me – what’s with all the peanut allergies these days?

Why are there more allergies? Here are some theories:

  • More ceserean sections and antibiotic use, which can increase risk of eczema and asthma which are risk factors for developing food allergies
  • Use of NSAIDs which can damage the lining of the intestines (part of your immune system)
  • Higher obesity rates
  • Higher rates of vitamin D deficiency
  • Less exposure to parasites, bacteria and viruses that help teach the immune system what’s safe and not
  • Delayed exposure, so then more likely to be introduced via another route – skin or inhalation which alters how your immune system might respond to a food in the future
  • More environmental toxins, like BPA and heavy metals, which have been proven to affect the immune system
  • only 1.9 percent of peanut eaters developed a full-blown allergy, compared with 13.7 percent of peanut avoiders. (study in UK, 600 children)

The Peanut Plan – Preventing Baby Peanut Allergies

  1. Introduce peanuts early. When you start to introduce foods around 6 months (see Is my baby ready for solids) include peanuts in that first month.
  2. Try Bamba or natural peanut butter – get that good stuff from a health food store
  3. Eat peanut butter 3 times a week going forward – my pediatric allergist said this is a great way to prevent allergy. Don’t just give it to them once and then not again for 6 months. More allergies may develop that way.

So that’s The Peanut Plan. I’ve got so many more things I want to share with you parents so please let me know if you want to stay in the loop about it – Like us on Facebook so that you are sure to get all the news.

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Yummy Vegan Alfredo Sauce

I found this easy and very quick pasta sauce that you can make in 5 minutes. It’s dairy and gluten-free so it’s great for the Elimination Diet. My whole family loves it! Here is a picture of last night’s dinner.

Vegan Alfredo Sauce


1 c. coconut milk [the canned kind]
1/2 c. nutritional yeast
1 medium clove of garlic
1 tsp. dried basil
1 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper

Mince the garlic and add all of the ingredients to a blender. Blend until the consistency is smooth and creamy – you know, like alfredo sauce. Pour it over any pasta you’d like and warm quickly with the rest of your hot pasta and other toppings.

This week, I added broccoli to my boiling pasta and cooked diced chicken at the very end. My pasta choice is a rice and quinoa pasta I found at Costco. I suppose the whole meal isn’t vegan but the sauce is so enjoy!


The link to the original source is here at The



Do This, Not That – Spring Tips

We are exposed to so many chemicals in our modern society so the small things you can do to reduce your exposure will go a long way to keeping you and your family as healthy as possible. Here’s a little list of things you can slowly do or change at home for a healthier environment.

Do This Not That
Wear slippers or have indoor shoes Avoid wearing your shoes indoors – they pick up lots of chemicals, pesticides, and germs from outside
Air your dry-leaning out in your garage or car trunk for a week Don’t bring your dry-cleaning into the house right away
Use essential oils, soy or beeswax candles, use baking soda to deodorize Avoid using air fresheners or most commercial scented candles
Use plain soap and water for cleaning when possible, use watered-down vinegar instead of anti-microbial products Avoid scented cleaning supplies and laundry detergent
Use zero- or low-VOC paints Avoid paint that isn’t labeled zero- or low-VOC
Heat food on the stove in a stainless steel or glass pot or cast-iron pan Avoid Teflon-coated pans or re-heating food in plastic in the microwave