3 Secrets to a Successful Birth

3 Secrets to a Successful Birth

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Success is defined by everyone in many different ways. Your definition of a successful birth is different than mine. However, at the end of the day, however your little one came into your life, you can still have a successful birth.

Here are my 3 secrets to having a successful “birth” day.

Gift of Gratitude

Your baby is your new gift. You have been waiting 9 long months or much longer for this gift. You may have been on a fertility journey that had so many ups and downs that you can’t believe your gift is finally here!

The gift of gratitude is realizing that no matter how your baby arrived there are some things you can still be grateful for.

Perhaps its your amazing, supportive partner. Maybe you’re grateful your baby came on a specific date that has meaning to you. Maybe you’re grateful for your baby’s health despite a difficult delivery.

If you had a hard labour and delivery, pick 1 or 2 things you are still so grateful for despite it all and savour those. Then savour your secret…

Savour Your Secret

You and your baby just spent the last 9 months with a special relationship no one else was 100% a part of. You had your own language together, you spoke to her and she kicked back.

Now that she’s born, she is a part of the world. Savour Your Secret. Save the texting for a little bit later. Hold back sending pictures or posting on Facebook. She is only your secret for a few precious moments.

Enjoy your precious newborn and your new relationship together. Take her all in before sharing her with the rest of the world. It’s ok to be selfish for this special moment.

Sing a Song

Before both my girls were born I had a special dessert ready for their arrival.

For my first, I had a friend bake gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and I froze them so they would be there for her birth. For my second I baked strawberry rhubarb muffins and they were ready just in time.

We lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday to my baby for the very first time on her birthday. It was such a simple and beautiful moment that I will treasure forever.

With this birth, my older one is 2 years old so she was very excited for this ritual and it was she who got to blow out the candle for her new little sister! It was a great way to get her involved and celebrate our newest family member.

So however, your little one comes into the world – Enjoy your Gift of Gratitude, Savour Your Secret and Sing a Song. You are truly blessed.

Talk soon,


Mom & Baby Classes

I’m taking a great class with Jillian called The Fourth Trimester Class with Kathy from the Serenity Birth Studio. It’s worth the drive from Barrie, Orillia or wherever you and your baby live in Simcoe County.

My class has 12 other moms and babies. We cover all topics from our birth story to breastfeeding to getting enough sleep.

It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house and bond over the joys and stressors of motherhood. I highly recommend her classes.



C-Section Babies and Probiotics

Babies are born by cesarean section (c-section) for a variety of reasons such as a long labour at risk of infection and if the mother or the baby’s health is at risk.
When a baby is born naturally and vaginally through the birth canal head first, it takes up the bacteria from the canal. The baby swallows this bacteria and it is deposited throughout its digestive tract. As gross as this might sound to you, this is an extremely important process for developing the baby’s digestive tract and immune system.
Delivery by c-section is associated with a moderate risk increase of allergic rhinitis, asthma, hospitalization for asthma, and perhaps food allergies as found in a meta-analysis study by Bager et al in 2008 in the journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy.
If your baby is delivered by c-section, there is still something you can do about it to help prevent these kinds of conditions from developing. Providing a high quality infant probiotic for a year can help to give your baby some of the good bacteria it needs for its digestive tract and immune system.
It is best to consult your naturopathic doctor or health care provider about this for a particular product that is best for your situation.
By Dr. Whitney Young, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine