Parents sucking pacifiers lowers allergy development

A new study published in June 2013 found that parents who sucked on their babies pacifiers to clean them lowered the incidence of allergy development and eczema. The microbes in parents saliva were transferred to the baby which improved their immunity. So, the next step I believe is to make sure the parent’s immune system is in good shape. That is something we can help with too. Now that you know that you should suck on your baby’s soother/pacifier before putting it back in their mouth. Next, how do you know if your baby is ready for solids? Read about it here

Sucking on your baby's pacifier before they do decreases allergies and asthma

Sucking on your baby’s pacifier before they do decreases allergies and asthma


5 Must’s that are easily forgotten

Imagine a house built without a solid foundation.  When the first big storm hits it will be blown apart.  Milder storms will rock it on the skimpy stilts.

People like the big wow.  We like to watch athletes perform at their best.  We are amazed when we see our colleague after losing 50 lbs.  But we don’t like watching how their got there.  For most, that parts boring.

Athletes spend a lot of time training for the big event.  They injure themselves and get back to it.  They grind away until becomes second nature.  There isn’t much glory in that 95% but it is what allows them to wow us with the other 5%.

Health , fertility, weight loss, fitness  – all of these goals require the same basic training.  It is the daily grind that will create the foundation so that when life gets crazy (because we know that it will) we won’t fall off the proverbial wagon.

Consider the following your basic training.  Your daily list that should take precedence over just about everything:

1.  Breath.  This seems so simple yet most people don’t take even one full breath a day.  Take 10 minutes and just breath.  Feel the hairs just below your nostrils move while the air goes in and out.

2.  Eat.  Again, seems straight forward enough eh?  Yet how many of us start the day with a coffee and don’t stop until mid afternoon to put food in our mouths?  Stop and take the 10 minutes required to eat three meals a day.

3.  Eat food.  Once you have the hang of actually eating, try eating actual food.  Not the kind of food that comes out of a window, frozen package or plastic/cardboard packaging.  Real food like fruit, veggies, fish, barley, rice, nuts and seeds.

4.  Move.  Exercise is what our bodies are meant for.  Walk, ride, take a class or just turn up the radio and have a 15 minute dance party in your living room.  It all counts.

5.  Rest.  Stress and rest build resilience.  Stress without rest creates injury and burn out.  Getting enough (minimum 7 hours) quality (not waking during the night) sleep is vital to your weight, mood, and overall quality of life.

Once these basics are covered, then you add in some supplements, herbs, acupuncture, and other therapies to augment your health.  But until your bases are covered, the rest is just not going to have the impact that you’re hoping for.

10 Immune System Tips

10 Ways to Improve Your Immune Health Like 10 ways to boost immunity & Last chance to vote! on Facebook
  1. Get some sleep. While often underrated, proper rest is the foundation to good health, both for kids and adults. Click here for our new video on sleep and mood.
  2. Wash your hands regularly but let your house get a little dirty. Exposure to germs is essential to build a strong immune system.
  3. Keep your guts happy! Eliminate any food sensitivities (we can help you figure those out if you don’t know), do a castor oil pack daily, and take a quality probiotic.
  4. Get your vitamin D. There is ample evidence to link vitamin D deficiency with immune dysfunction. Seroyals D-Mulsion is the best absorbed. Call us to set one aside for you – 705-792-6717
  5. Keep processed foods to a minimum. Sugar dampens immune function for at least a couple hours after consuming it.
  6. Meditate. Yep, it actually stimulates the immune system. The best form of meditation is the one you will do. Try a meditation class, guided imagery mp3, walk in nature etc.
  7. Consume enough vitamin C. Eat more fresh fruits and colourful veggies. You may also supplement with a powder or capsule.
  8. Get monthly IVs – intravenous vitamins and minerals at the clinic to keep you healthy through the fall and winter.
  9. Try hot and cold alternating showers. This type of hydrotherapy helps stimulate your immune system and circulate the lymph. Ask us for the how-to instructions
  10. Get regular adjustments from a chiropractor. Keeping your nervous system happy makes your immune system happier too.

If you do get sick, remember we can help with a great many tools in our natural health toolbox to help you feel better faster.

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Myer’s Cocktails – Who Needs Them Most?

A Myer’s Cocktail is a combination of vitamins and electrolytes given intravenously in high therapeutic doses. The name came from Dr. John Myers MD who pioneered the use of these IV vitamins in this combination. There can be slight variations in the number and quantity of vitamins used. The formulation that we use has Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Dexpanthenol (B5) and Pyridoxine (B6). Myer’s Cocktails can be a very attractive treatment modality and has become very popular treatment for patients in our clinic.

Common uses for Myer’s Cocktails include:

  1. Patients who come to us very ill, especially those that have been having chronic bowel issues and malabsorption.
  2. People with poor immune function who tend to get sick easily or have chronic sinusitis.
  3. Chronic issues such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  4. Athletes commonly do a Myer’s Cocktail before and after a marathon to help speed recovery
  5. Cancer treatments and protocols often use high dose Vitamin C
  6. Hives of unknown origin will often respond well to Myer’s Cocktails


For patients who are quite ill or run down, we typically recommend doing a Myer’s Cocktail every 7-10 days for 3-4 treatments to get their levels back up. We would then recommend that patients follow their intuition. Patients can usually tell when they need another cocktail. It is common for patients to do one every month or two until they feel like they are back on track and then they may do one every 3-4 months for maintenance and then on as as-needed basis if they start to feel run down, get fatigues, or start to get upper-respiratory infections.


Please email or book a free meet the doctor visit online to find out more about Myer’s Cocktails and if they are the right treatment for you.

Green Tip – Coconut oil…and then some!!

I have been experimenting off and on with consuming more of a raw diet for the last few months now. I will admit some weeks are more raw than others, but even just getting more fruits and veggies into my diet has made me feel much better.

One of the main oils used in the raw culture is Coconut oil because it is not processed and completely natural. In one of the books I found the author noted that she uses coconut oil, not only as a moisturizing natural alternative to shaving cream or gel, but also that she uses it as an eye makeup remover!! So of course, I had to try it…and yes it works, extremely well actually. It’s also used as a good carrier oil for massage. So instead of buying a bottle of shaving cream and a tube of makeup remover – you can save all that packaging and just buy a large tub of coconut oil and use it for many different purposes. A nice environmentally friendly natural resource!

I shared my new found information with a girlfriend a few weeks ago and she just sent me a really great article on coconut oil and some health benefits of using it…including help with weight loss, immunity, and skin irritations. I thought I would share the link for the article as well…it makes for some very interesting reading and potentially a few more naturally healthy people!