I was in heaven…

I have heard stories about it’s grandeur… I’ve heard that I would spend a lot of money there… I didn’t know it was so big! So vast! With so many options, things to choose from. I think I almost hyperventilated when I arrived at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket for the first time. I texted Steve… “I’m in heaven!”

me at nature's emporium nat emp2

It was amazing. I think I was pretty tame in my shopping but still spent a bit. Here’s what was on my list for those who might be interested in what a naturopathic doctor might pick up at one of these stores.

  1. Organic nectarines and apples – I wanted these to make some more baby food for Jillian
  2. Yummy cheese – they had over 10 samples of different cheeses and I got hooked on one. It tastes like parmesan but is more rich
  3. Natural dish and laundry detergent – don’t need harsh chemicals in our house
  4. Plates and bowls made of corn for Jillian to eat off of. They are like plastic so she won’t be able to break them.
  5. An organic chicken that I cooked in my slow cooker – check out my recipe
  6. Steve’s favourite hummus in a big container!

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