All Hands Deck – Ask for Help

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned being a solo parent is to be ok with asking for help.

I can’t do this alone. If I try, I will be too stressed out and tired. That’s no good for me or for my kids.

Also, when I ask for help, the others who help feel better. They get to help the girls and I. And they also get to see and bond with the girls if what they’re helping with is watching the kids.

Even the small things with parenting – ask for help. You don’t have to do it alone.

We used to live in close-knit communities with multiple generations that leaned on each other, cooked together and supported one another. We’ve become too self-sufficient.

My challenge to you this week – pick one thing on your to-do list and ask someone else to do it. Then let the outcome go. Things don’t have to be perfect.¬†Talk soon,




Hate Getting Your Photo Taken?

Hi there,

We were at at tradeshow recently and asked the woman from the booth across from us to take our photo in front of our booth for our Facebook page and friends. When we asked if we could return the favour she said “I don’t do photos.”

Sadly, a reported 41% of women hate getting their photo taken. Another report found that 97% of women reported having at least one “I hate my body/body part/something about themselves thought each and every day.

Talk about an epidemic!

Now look at this photo of my daughter.

J holding up the trees

She’s looking straight at the camera, posing strong enough to hold up those two trees. Smiling, not hiding any parts of her body. She’s confident and ready to be exactly who she is.

Ok, she’s only about a year and a half in this picture but when will she start to hate her body or herself?

My hope? Never.

My calling is to help women all around the world raise powerful and confident daughters. There are too many sad statistics of what can happen to a young girl or teen with low self-esteem.

Let’s make a change in this next generation.

Well at least I’m going to give it a try with my daughter.

Talk soon,