Mom & Baby Classes

I’m taking a great class with Jillian called The Fourth Trimester Class with Kathy from the Serenity Birth Studio. It’s worth the drive from Barrie, Orillia or wherever you and your baby live in Simcoe County.

My class has 12 other moms and babies. We cover all topics from our birth story to breastfeeding to getting enough sleep.

It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house and bond over the joys and stressors of motherhood. I highly recommend her classes.


Why IV therapy?

I’ve been doing IV therapy for a number of months now with great success.

Here we have a mini-video on IV treatments, to see it click here: Whitney discussing IV Therapy

I have been seeing quite a few patients with a number of disorder who are all benefiting from IV vitamin and nutrient therapy. They include people with fatigue, Crohn’s, collitis, migraines and anemia.

Please give us a call or send a message if you would like more information about IV Therapy.