Green Tip – Coconut oil…and then some!!

I have been experimenting off and on with consuming more of a raw diet for the last few months now. I will admit some weeks are more raw than others, but even just getting more fruits and veggies into my diet has made me feel much better.

One of the main oils used in the raw culture is Coconut oil because it is not processed and completely natural. In one of the books I found the author noted that she uses coconut oil, not only as a moisturizing natural alternative to shaving cream or gel, but also that she uses it as an eye makeup remover!! So of course, I had to try it…and yes it works, extremely well actually. It’s also used as a good carrier oil for massage. So instead of buying a bottle of shaving cream and a tube of makeup remover – you can save all that packaging and just buy a large tub of coconut oil and use it for many different purposes. A nice environmentally friendly natural resource!

I shared my new found information with a girlfriend a few weeks ago and she just sent me a really great article on coconut oil and some health benefits of using it…including help with weight loss, immunity, and skin irritations. I thought I would share the link for the article as well…it makes for some very interesting reading and potentially a few more naturally healthy people!

March Break Fun Skate

WOW! What a fun time we had on Friday evening. Everyone at The Healing Oasis would like to thank our friends and family for coming out and sharing in some fun and light activity.

Not only did we have an amazing ice rink all to ourselves for an hour, we had an entire party room filled with kids and parents and friends…and SNACKS! All of which were a hit!! And we had SO many people ask us for our recipes we thought we’d share them with you to enjoy with your own friends and families. (Look for the recipes in our next blogs.)

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we look forward to seeing even more of you at our next client appreciation event….perhaps a summer BBQ!?

To view the entire photo album from our fun skate day simply find us on Facebook and become a fan.

With sincere thanks,
The Healing Oasis Team