So the title of this article may be misleading but it’s an interesting fact from one study from the Journal of Reproductive Medicine in 2013 May-June.

I came across a study performed in Utah with women who were prescribed clomiphene aka Clomid. The researches conducted phone interviews with 43 women from local community clinics.

It was found that most women were prescribed clomid appropriately based on their fertility status and ovulation. What was found lacking was the monitoring of their cycles. This is where we come in. We help women even before they are prescribed Clomid to help monitor their cycles and help improve their cycles through acupuncture, diet, supplementation and more here at our clinic. It’s something we have a special interest in and extra training in to help our parents-to-be.

The interesting side note from the study was that  24 of the women (56%) said they would be fine having twins, and 14 (33%) said they would prefer to have twins if possible.

So why do you think a 3rd of women in this study preferred twins?