4 Seasons of Health

Make your health a priority

The 4 Seasons of Health Program is designed to help you keep your health goals this year.

For so many of us, we say that our health is a priority, but that’s not how it really plays out. Here’s what we mean.

Take a jar. Grab some big rocks. Grab some pebbles and grab some sand. Now, try to put everything into the jar. What you will find, is that if you don’t start with the big rocks, if you start with the sand or the pebbles, it won’t fit.

stones and sandThe big rocks represent the most important things in your life (your health, your holidays, family time). The pebbles are the daily workings of your life (school, work, etc.) and the sand is all the ‘stuff’ our lives get filled in with (laundry, cleaning, shuttling kids around, etc.).

Start this year off by scheduling in your big rocks. With seasonal Check-up’s through our 4 Season’s to Health Program, you ensure that you have put your health on the calendar.

January check-up: we will help you get on track for the year by establishing your goals and getting your big rocks in place.

March check-up: we will decide what the best spring cleanse is for you; talk about allergy season; re-visit your goals.

June check-up: your half way through the year, how are you doing?

September check-up: make sure that your immune system is winter ready!

Before each check-up we will send you a quick check-list of seasonal issues you might be having and review them in this quick 15 minute visit.

Book your January visit now, before your sand fills in your time!

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