Boost your mood naturally with hobbies like painting
Dr. Whitney’s finished acrylic painting done at The Creative Palette in Barrie

Boost Your Mood Naturally with these 5 Hacks

Ok, we at Rooted are noticing the grey skies haven’t lifted much too. It’s been gloomy! Here are your top 5 hacks to boost your mood naturally from your naturopathic doctors.

1. Vitamin D – you’re probably vitamin D deficient because we live in Canada. Just because you go outside, we don’t make much Vitamin D in the winter months because of where our country is relative to the sun. Vitamin D will boost your mood naturally. We have had patients notice a big difference in their mood when they were supplemented properly.
Get your Vitamin D3 liquid, capsule or shots.
Not sure if you’re low? That’s a simple blood test that your health care provider, including your ND, can run for you.

2. Choose to do things that you love. Yup, I want you to purposefully put things you enjoy doing on your calendar. I’m (Dr. Whitney), taking some art classes. (See my latest painting below!) I’m cooking, which I enjoy. I’m reading light-hearted books in the evenings. I’m going out to dinner with friends. You need to make it your mission to put more fun in your life. Boost your mood naturally with the things you like. Life is hard enough with the pressures and stresses of every day life.

3. Move your body. Everyday. I’ve seen a funny video online by the Holderness Family with them begrudgingly taking their “mental health” walks. It’s funny but it’s true. I always feel better after moving my body even if I didn’t want to in the first place. Boost your mood naturally with movement you actually enjoy. Indoor tennis? 30min at the trampoline park bouncing? What would join the fun and the movement?

4. Eat more protein. Most of us are deficient! We need this protein for proper hormones and hormonal function, better energy, rebuilding muscle, helping create our mood neurotransmitters etc. Try starting your day off with a protein shake, adding protein powder to your oatmeal, eating an omelette or something else that you actually enjoy that has protein in it.

5. Take your Supplements and try an IV. Take the vitamins your ND told you to take. If you’re still feeling blue, let’s rework your plan. Have you tried IV therapy yet? The most popular bag right now is the Rooted Complete. Ask your ND if this is for you or book an IV Prep Visit and we’ll get you started.

We believe life should be enjoyed when you can. Start today.