A guest post written By: Jocelyn Davies, PFS, RHN, BSc

As a Prenatal Fitness Specialist I often get asked the question “Jocelyn, is it safe to workout during pregnancy?”

The answer I tell most people is…Yes!

 Of course, there are some women who will not be able to workout during pregnancy due to specific conditions, complications or previous health related issues.

I always recommend that women consult with their doctor before starting any exercise regime.

In general however, working out during pregnancy can benefit your pregnant body and your growing baby.  Keep in mind that pregnancy is not the time to lose weight or join a new competitive sport, but it is however, an excellent opportunity to focus on fitness maintenance and healthy weight gain.

Here are 5 way that working out during pregnancy can help you and your baby.

It will give you strength and endurance for labour. 

  • Exercising during pregnancy helps build the strength and endurance needed for the length and intensity of labour. Staying active during pregnancy is associated with shorter labours and can even help avoid a C-section, or other labour interventions.


You will be less likely to develop pregnancy related health issues.

  • Common pregnancy ailments and discomforts such as back pain, varicose veins, fatigue, and disrupted sleep can be improved by moderate exercise. Physically active women are also less likely to develop more serious conditions, such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.


Your baby will be smarter. 

  • Researchers at the University of Montreal have reported that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times per week enhances a newborn child’s brain development.


Your baby will be stronger. 

  • Babies of exercising mothers have been shown to be less stressed during labour. Judging by fetal heart rates, babies of exercising mothers tolerate contractions much better than babies of non-active mothers.

You will recover from pregnancy quicker. 


  • Getting regular exercise during pregnancy can result in less pregnancy pounds overall, and help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster.

No doubt about it, exercising during pregnancy is a big plus for both you, and your baby. Visit our website www.mumandbubs.com or contact Jocelyn at Mum & Bubs Health and Fitness for more information about our prenatal fitness classes.  Phone: 705-305-1975.


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