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Who I Am

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress or a doctor (or both!). My calling to naturopathic medicine came while I was attending McMaster University for Biology in Hamilton, Ontario. I started suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and my life-long digestive issues worsened. I found a naturopathic doctor in the area and began my own journey to healing. Who knew I’d be a Barrie naturopathic doctor?

When I started my naturopathic practice in Barrie, Ontario in 2008, I had dreams of working with moms and children. I loved working with little ones because of the incredible potential they had. One of the principles of Naturopathic Medicine is to use prevention as medicine. When I worked with infertility, moms, and babies we were working on creating healthy people from the very beginning. How amazing is that?!

I am a Superbaby & Supermom Mentor

My naturopathic practice focuses on infant and children’s health.

What I treat includes:

How we work together

When we start to work together with your child we will do an intake including health history and physical exam. We may include blood work, food allergy tests and/or other testing options for those over 2 years of age. We will also look at test reports you may already have done. I get you started on a few things and then we meet again in about 2-4 weeks to go over the findings and make a plan together. You are the one who will actually be doing the plan with your child so I want you to feel excited and on board about it. The number of times I see you depends on what’s going on. It’s not a quick fix, so definitely plan at least a 3 month commitment.

I’m a Barrie Naturopathic Doctor. And an Ontario Naturopathic Doctor.

All that being said, my main passion in life is to build resilience in women and children, so that no matter what, they will be ok. 2

Let’s Get Started

I would love to start working with you to help your children live a healthy and happy life. If this sounds good to you, please book your initial intake with me at the clinic.

I look forward to meeting you! Click here to book an appointment.

Dr. Whitney Young, ND

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In the meantime, if you want support now

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