I was at the Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium a couple of weekends ago listening to a seminar about Chinese Medicine and Artificial Reproductive Techniques (translation: acupuncture for IVF).

The speaker was amazing and I grabbed quite a few tips from him that day.  Here is one that I believe to be brilliant.

Sit and do nothing for 15 minutes each day.

By nothing I mean just that – no TV, no phone, no reading…just nothing.

For most of my fertility patients in Barrie and Orillia, it would be easier to ask them to get to the moon.  I mean really, NOTHING?

Try it for 2 weeks.  Train your family that when you’re having your ‘nothing time’ that they do not interrupt short of an emergency (bleeding or fire would be good boundaries here).

What does nothing feel like?  Please share your experiences.