Rooted was founded in 2004 and has been a pillar of the Barrie naturopathic community ever since. We are an active part of the community participating in a variety of charity events, networking events and collaborations with other businesses and health care practitioners. We welcome meeting other businesses in Barrie who can serve us or our patients.

We also love to educate our community on a variety of health conditions. We offer lunch & learns to businesses of all sizes, do presentations in-person and virtual to local groups and also at the local health food stores. If you are interested in having one of the doctors speak at your function, please contact us.

Reception Hours

Our office staff is available by email or by phone during the following hours but closed for lunch every day 12-1pm:

  • Tuesday 9-7
  • Wednesday 9-5
  • Thursday 9-7
  • Friday 9-4
  • Every other Saturday 9-1

Why “Rooted?”

Imagine a beautiful apple tree. It has a dead brown section in the middle that no longer produces fruit. So you take some cutters and you trim the tree so that you can’t see the brown spot anymore.  But then a new brown spot appears on the other side of the tree. You haven’t fixed the root of the problem.

Alternatively, you could hire a gardener. She will begin by looking into what’s caused the brown spot. Is it a bug of some sort? Is it lack of nutrients or maybe the wrong nutrients? Is the water or air contaminated? Once she knows what’s wrong, she can fix the root cause. By creating more fertile soil, the tree thrives and produces fruit again.

Our doctors are like the gardener. Instead of just cutting out or covering up your symptoms, let’s get to the root cause and help you feel better for the long haul. We will also help you feel better in your life overall. We want you to feel more grounded and rooted in who you are, what you do and where you are going. We do all this step by step in a partnership with you so you don’t get overwhelmed.

We use the best of natural medicine to help you get better faster. We use diagnostic testing to assess what’s going on and then create individualized plans, including using high-quality supplements and treatment plans based on you or your child.

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