Does Christmas visiting cause you Heartburn, Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers, Diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Chronic Constipation, acid reflux or Diarrhea.

Do you have to live with this, or a life time of Tums? Well, no not really. While it may be that fatty foods, or too much turkey, wine or plum pudding has caused you distress in the past it may help you to know that the digestive system stores neuropeptides – the same molecules that make up your brain – except we have ten times more of them in the body than in the brain! By using a technique called Active Memory, Body Talk is especially successful at retrieving and neutralizing the thoughts and emotions from the gut that have become pathologies.I’m not saying your pain is psychosomatic, I am saying it may not be food allergies alone causing your stomach upsets, and yes our emotions affect our hormones, our absorption and assimilation of food.
The consciousness of the large intestine relates to the idea of letting go of the past, e.g., old resentments, trauma, or former relationships. Environmental factors affect the internal chemistry of your digestive system. Stress relating to your boss, mother, son, husband, or finances al directly affects the intestinal lining of your digestive tract, minimizing the absorption of vital nutrients. So-o-o….what can you do about that?
Jessy uses Body Talk to teach the body to produce its own digestive enzymes and regulate its stomach acids in order to assimilate foods within the small intestine that previously caused harm or discomfort.

Body Talk is a holistic form of therapy that recognizes the interrelationships within the body/mind and works to achieve balance and healthy communication among all body systems.

“All disease has psychological, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, & physical dimensions each of which plays a distinct role” – Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy this holiday season without a “tummy ache”? Call Jess to reduce that stress. Book a 20 minute FREE consultation to see if Body Talk is indeed for you. You will be surprised at the results.