We are happy to host Dr. Kerri’s upcoming monthly pop-up clinics.

Dr. Kerri is our founding naturopath at Rooted and an amazing clinician. In her own words…

“Medical weight stigma is leading patients to avoid seeing a doctor at all. Patients have experienced outright refusal of testing until weight loss is achieved, misdiagnosis (all things are blamed on weight), and flippant recommendations for weight-loss surgery when they went in for a sore throat (sadly, an actual patient story).

Additionally, about 10% of Ontarians don’t have a family doctor. As a result, many chronic health issues aren’t managed. Diabetes and hypertension are left unchecked. Routine screening for cardiovascular disease (like cholesterol checks) and cancer (vaginal exams and pap tests) are left undone.

As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in Ontario, I’m uniquely positioned to offer weight-neutral care, free from weight stigma and shame. NDs in Ontario can offer the following:

  • bloodwork to monitor blood sugars, cholesterol, hormones, and more (judgment-free)
  • Test thyroid function and other hormones (without the recommendation of weight loss first)
  • physical exams (without being weighed)
  • prescription for certain medications, including thyroid and bio-identical hormones
  • provide vaginal exams including Pap tests”

To Learn more and book your appointment – visit Dr. Kerri’s site.