Exploring IV Vitamin C in Cancer Recovery

IV vitamin C in cancer recoveryWhen it comes to helping people fight cancer, scientists are looking at different ways to support standard treatments. Some people and scientists are exploring IV vitamin C in Cancer recovery.

What IV Vitamin C Does

IV vitamin C means getting large amounts of this vitamin directly into the bloodstream. It’s different from taking pills because more vitamin C can enter the blood this way.

How It Works

In low IV doses and oral doses Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights harmful substances in the body. However, when the blood reaches a high level of vitamin C at one time, they become more oxidative just like other conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Oxidation kills cancer cells.

Some studies suggest that IV vitamin C might target cancer cells more than healthy cells. This could make it a good partner to regular cancer treatments.

What Studies Show

Research looking at IV vitamin C for cancer has shown interesting results. While we need more studies to be sure, early research is encouraging. Some studies say that IV vitamin C, when used with regular cancer treatments like chemotherapy, might make those treatments work better.

It might also help reduce tiredness, improve life quality, and lessen the bad effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Things to Think About

It’s important to remember that IV vitamin C should be used with guidance from your naturopathic doctor. We at Rooted have teamed up with Dr. Martha Sharpe ND who has been working with this population for almost a decade.

How well IV Vitamin C works can change from person to person and might depend on things like the kind of cancer someone has and what stage it’s at.


IV vitamin C is a promising addition to cancer treatment. Its ability to fight harmful substances, possibly target cancer cells, and help with treatment side effects shows real potential.

As more studies happen, it’s important for doctors and patients to work together. While it’s not a cure by itself, IV vitamin C could be a valuable part of the overall plan to help people fight cancer and live better lives during treatment.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started, book your Cancer IV Prep with Dr. Martha Sharpe at our clinic to discuss how IVs will work for your particular case, stage of disease, and calendar. We know things can be busy.