Healthy aging at Rooted with Dr. LizNavigating Your Health Journey: Beyond Conventional Care

Dr. Liz understands that relying solely on Dr. Google and hurried appointments falls short of the care you truly deserve. With a commitment to transformative healthcare and healthy aging, Dr. Liz believes it’s time to redefine the way we approach wellness.

Dr. Liz’s Journey and Beliefs

Dr. Liz’s journey in medicine has been shaped by the experiences of cherished elders who have encountered the limitations of the current healthcare system. Witnessing delayed healthcare, misdiagnoses, and a lack of collaborative support has ignited a passion for change within her. She firmly believes that conventional care, as it stands today, does not adequately address the comprehensive needs of individuals who aspire to lead a life of healthy aging.

You Deserve More

Dr. Liz recognizes the importance of routine check-ups, screenings, and lab investigations, as they form the foundation of preventive care. However, she firmly believes that these measures only scratch the surface of true wellness and the pursuit of healthy aging. You deserve more. Dr. Liz envisions a healthcare model that goes beyond the “line of fine” to help you achieve your best possible health and well-being, enabling you to not just survive but thrive in every stage of life.

Imagine experiencing restful sleep, free from the disruptive effects of hot flashes and night sweats. Dr. Liz is committed to helping you find effective strategies to manage cholesterol and blood pressure without the burden of meticulous calorie tracking, ensuring that your journey toward healthy aging is both enjoyable and sustainable. She aims to empower you to feel confident in your ability to engage in physical and mental well-being through tailored exercise and movement plans, promoting longevity and vitality.

Healthy Aging & Clinical Focus

Dr. Liz’s clinical focus lies in several key areas that directly contribute to healthy aging. She brings her expertise to cardiovascular health, addressing concerns such as high blood pressure, cholesterol management, and blood sugar regulation, all vital components of maintaining optimal health as you age. Her deep understanding of hormone health allows her to provide comprehensive support for perimenopause and osteoporosis, two critical aspects of healthy aging in women. Dr. Liz also offers guidance for neurological health, including migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and adjunct cognitive decline support, ensuring that your brain health remains sharp and vibrant as you navigate the later stages of life.

In addition to her specialization in cardiovascular, hormone, and neurological health, Dr. Liz recognizes the importance of vestibular health and mental well-being in the context of healthy aging. She offers assistance for conditions such as Meniere’s disease, vestibular migraines, and BPPV, allowing you to maintain your balance and mobility as you age gracefully. Furthermore, she addresses caregiver burnout, acknowledging the significant impact it can have on the mental and emotional well-being of those providing care to loved ones. By addressing these crucial aspects of healthy aging, Dr. Liz aims to ensure that you can not only add years to your life but also life to your years.

How She Will Help with Healthy Aging

Dr. Liz’s approach is rooted in evidence-based therapies that prioritize your well-being and healthy aging. She integrates nutrition and lifestyle counseling, exercise guidance, targeted supplementation, botanical medicine, and acupuncture to help you feel your absolute best. With Dr. Liz as your partner in care, age becomes irrelevant when it comes to pursuing your passions and thriving in every stage of life. Embrace a collaborative approach to your health journey with Dr. Liz and unlock your potential for optimal well-being and healthy aging.


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