Hey there,

I thought it would be great to share my journey with you as I go along. It would be fun to share any new information I learn during my pregnancy with you if you are also going on a pregnancy journey.

I’m in the good phase now. Ask Kerri or my husband how I was at the beginning. I was not very fun to be around at times! Grumpy and bitchy Whitney. I think I remember at one point saying “remind me never to get pregnant again!” So, I wasn’t very happy I guess. I was very tired, nauseous and grumpy.

But as quickly as it came on, it went away.

Now I’m in the good phase. I’m loving being pregnant. Baby is starting to make itself known with some movements, which is very exciting!

I haven’t started my 2nd trimester teas yet but I should really get on it. I’ve been fairly faithful with my supplements.

I’ll talk to you soon with more updates. If you are pregnant let me know how you are doing!

Talk soon,


Whitney Belly week 19