IV therapy for immune health
IV therapy at Rooted offers 2 Immune Boosting options

Consider IV Therapy for your Immune Health during the Holidays

Cold & Flu and other virus season is upon us again. We’ve lived through the years of the pandemic where we missed out on holiday gatherings and we don’t want to do that again! Boosting your immune health and creating a shield around you using IV Therapy is a key way to staying well this holiday season.

Intravenous Drip therapy is a great way to improve your immune system and give yourself another shield against the viruses running rampant around the schools, offices, and malls this time of year so that you can attend all your holiday parties.

We have 2 great IV treatments for your Immune health

  1. The Immune bag – this is a classic bag with Vitamin C, zinc, and minerals along with B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and selenium. This combination gives your body nutrients to help fight off infections and viruses. It’s a smaller bag so conveniently only takes about 30 minutes for your appointment.
  2. The Immune Plus Bag – this is our mega version of the classic “Immune Bag.” This one has 3X the vitamin C, 2X the zinc and B vitamins. So you’re getting more in your treatment time. Because this is a bigger bag, your treatment time will take about 1-1.5 hours.


So how do you get started with IV Therapy in Barrie at Rooted?

First book an IV Prep Visit with one of our doctors at the clinic. There we’ll do a health check, discuss your IV options, order blood work (or review your recent blood work) and then go from there! This appointment can be done in person or virtually.


What are we looking for in the blood work?

We want to make sure you’re a relatively healthy person and that your body can take on the extra nutrients. In the blood work we are typically looking for a complete blood count, liver enzymes, kidney function and electrolytes. If you’ve had blood work done in the last 12 months please bring that to your first appointment or send us a PDF copy by email beforehand to review. This prep work will streamline the process so you can get started on IVs sooner!

Do we do blood work at the office?

Nope! We are affiliated with Life Labs. We aren’t covered by OHIP so your labs will cost about $50 at our clinic. You’ll get your lab requisition from us then go to any Life Labs to get your blood drawn. They won’t charge you for labs when you go there because you’ve already paid us at Rooted. We require new blood work every 12 months.


Is IV vitamin therapy for my immune health dangerous??

Not at all! Most people feel nothing at all when they get their IV and afterwards. There is the occasional discomfort during the drip which can be helped by massaging your arm or adding a heat pack. Our IV techs are there to help make sure you enjoy the process.


How often should you get an IV for my immune health?

Typically, we recommend 1 a week for 4 weeks in order to boost you faster, build your “shield,” and replenish your nutrient stores. Then after the 4 weeks we might recommend a monthly immune IV drip in order to keep you well.


If you have more questions, give us a call at the clinic 705-792-6717 or an email and we’ll be happy to answer those for you. Ready to get started? Book your IV Prep Visit and let’s get your shield up!

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