IV therapy for wound healing and pre and post surgery

When you are preparing for surgery your physical and emotional body undergoes stress. When your body is under stress you can quickly become depleted in crucial nutrients needed in recovery. IV therapy for wound healing, pre
& post surgery can be added to your recovery plan.

IV therapy for wound healing and pre & post surgery

IV vitamin therapy can provide a high dose of essential nutrients directly to the body, which can help speed up the healing process. IV vitamin therapy can have a number of other benefits, including improved energy levels, improved immune system function, and reduced inflammation.

Hydration IV Bags

Hydration is the most fundamental reason for a patient in any setting to receive an intravenous catheter. We too offer hydration IV nutrient bags for this purpose. So if your nutrition is great and your immune system is functioning well but you are struggling to keep hydrated we can help! Our blood and lymphatic fluid is mostly water, if you are dehydrated it will be harder for these systems to circulate and assist in repairing damaged tissue.

Immunity after Surgery

Another important factor to note in your healing journey post surgery is immune status. If your immune system is not working optimally you are at risk of an infection.


Wound Healing through IV vitamins & minerals

Below are a few key ingredients we use in our IV nutrient bags to support your body after you undergo surgery for wound healing.

Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein. Our bodies use Vitamin C to convert protein into collagen. Collagen plays many roles in wound healing, one being to help the skin re-epithelialize or repair damaged skin tissue to restore your skin’s barrier.

Zinc is needed for skin cell regeneration and for proper immune function.

Among assisting with many other fundamental processes in the body, B vitamins are most widely known for helping your body produce energy, they also help to manage stress levels which is not as obvious of an area needing support in recovery but very important nonetheless. Psychological stress reduction also plays a major role in how we heal.

The elimination of magnesium increases under the effects of stress, increased secretion of adrenaline causes excess loss of magnesium in the urine. Magnesium has multiple functions in our bodies but in the case of wound healing it acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body and plays a defensive role stimulating the destruction of microbes by our white blood cells. Defending against foreign invaders post surgery is essential.


Vitamin D shots for Surgical Healing

Vitamin D also plays a role in skin health, helping to heal and repair the epidermis, your skin first layer and your body first barrier of defense. Having your Vitamin D levels checked and optimized is an important step in your healing. If needed we offer IM Vitamin D injections to help you get back to an optimal level.

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