It’s that lovely time of year when the bugs are a humming! How do you protect yourself when you don’t want to use the heavy chemical sprays? This is especially important to me now that I have Patrick. We don’t want him inhaling all that stuff off of our clothes and hair.

Our first step to protecting ourselves is our dinning tent in the backyard. I bought one big enough to put his sandbox and water table in there with plenty of room for a couple of chairs as well.

Next step – we try to stay inside during the peak times (dusk and dawn).

But what about when you can’t (or just don’t want) to stay indoors? Or when you want to go hiking through the woods? What products are good?

I like to shop Canadian whenever I can. This year, we will try out Druide’s Citronella insect repellent. Sadly, it is not recommended for kids under 2 – but nothing ever is. He will face another summer under a mosquito net – poor kid!

I will keep you posted as to whether or not it works for us.

And of course, we will all take (Patrick included) the homeopathic Ledum. I have had wonderful success, both personally and with patients, with ledum. Although it won’t stop the bugs from biting, it greatly reduces the swelling and itching that goes with them.

Happy bug season!

Kerri Fullerton ND