For some women getting pregnant isn’t the problem, staying pregnant is.

Miscarriages can be devestating.  They can take away the joy and excitement of pregnancy by planting seeds of doubt and fear.

Once a women has experienced three miscarriages, she is considered to have Chronic Miscarriages.  However, here at Rooted we don’t ask that you wait to have three before we start treatment for miscarriage.

Preventing miscarriages starts (ideally) before you become pregnant again.

  • Addressing your overall state of health – nutrition, sleep, and stress all play a part.
  • Treating hormone imbalances, no matter how minor they may be.
  • Ruling out little-known possible causes of miscarriage such as thyroid antibodies, subclinical hypothyroidism, gluten-antibodies
  • Exploring male factor involvement – yes, the quality of his sperm has a lot to do with it.
  • Ensure proper endometrial thickness.

This is accomplished by using:

  • acupuncture to balance hormones and manage anxiety
  • herbs to ensure hormone balance, adequate sleep, and stress management
  • counselling to answer questions and provide support
  • nutrition to ensure a hospitable environment for your fetus

Once you achieve pregnancy again, we support you throughout by using:

  • acupuncture and moxa
  • sometimes herbs and supplements
  • counselling and support

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