I just wanted to say thank-you to the powers that be for a wonderfully beautiful day instead of thunderstorms.

I was able to go outside and pick my first batch of strawberries from our patch. Aren’t they beautiful?

Patrick had given up on strawberries – after a few flavourless batches from the store, who could blame him? Last weekend we were able to sample our first berry from our patch – he’s hooked again.

I can’t wait until he’s up from his nap so that we can share these lovely berries. I doubt that any will be left over after snack time!

Growing your own food is so rewarding. Knowing that there isn’t a trace of chemical makes it even better. Picking when it’s perfectly ripe and enjoying it the same day is such a treat. There is no better berry anywhere. I love knowing that Patrick will be connected to his food from the start. He takes so much pleasure in helping out – pulling weeds, taking them to the compost pile, and of course, picking the food. I hope that we are cultivating more than just good berries! An appreciation of where food comes from and how it’s grown is such a gift.

If you don’t have the space in your yard, plant in pots. It is just as delicious and just as it is rewarding.

Happy planting – and eating!!

Yours in Health,
Kerri Fullerton ND