Your skin and the appearance of it is like the dashboard of your car giving you indicator lights that something isn’t quite right. It can tell us if your body is functioning properly or if we need to look “under the hood” for what else might be going on. We work with you to uncover those reasons why you might be having skin issues and create a treatment plan that works for you.


Natural Solutions for Acne

Acne at all ages is extremely frustrating and can affect all areas of your life. We help teens, women and men who are struggling with acne who want a natural approach to figure out WHY they have acne instead of just covering it up. Dr. Sarah Kiss, ND is our resident acne guru.

Natural Solutions for Skin Health

Advanced aging and wrinkles can be an indicator of higher “AGEs” – advanced glycation end products – an inflammatory, damaging process to the skin and body. Dull, dry skin can tell us about hydration and circulation. We love using a variety of topical and internal natural skin care options and treatments to improve the look and feel of your skin. We also use IV nutrient therapy for skin health and beauty. Learn more about IV Therapy and your skin here.

Reasons why you might have skin problems

  • Digestive Issues like low stomach acid, constipation, bloating/gas
  • Hormone imbalances like irregular periods, use of hormonal birth control, changing hormones in puberty, perimenopause, or pregnancy
  • Inflammatory foods or food sensitivities
  • Blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance
  • Poor hydration
  • Poor detoxification

Interested but not sure?

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