The biggest lesson I’m learning as a mom is to let go of the strict rules and how I “should” parent, or should do this or that.

I’d ask everyone for feedback. What do you do? How do YOU handle this situation with your kids. What SHOULD I do about bedtimes, sleep routines, their diet, their grieving, their extracurricular activities.

We have so many decisions to make as parents and we put so much pressure on ourselves to “do it right.”

But what is right? Who says there is only 1 right way to raise a child? Who says there is only 1 right way or path for a child to be happy, healthy & hearty so they can ultimately be OK?

There isn’t any 1 path. It doesn’t exist. If someone tells you it does, then they are lying to themselves.

Each child is unique, each child has their own temperament they were born with. Each child responds differently to different things. Maybe your child is great at sports, maybe they like quiet artwork activities. Knowing our children is one of the keys to happiness as a mother. Not trying to fit them into the prescribed box of a “perfect child.”

Allowing them to be free, allows us to be free. Then we don’t have to follow any rules. We get to make up the rules!! How amazing is that?!?


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