We offer high-quality, professional grade supplements to our patients. Our prices are fair and comparable to health food stores and online shops.

Why purchase supplements from Rooted?

  • Your ND knows exactly what you’re taking and the doses
  • Your ND knows exactly how you should respond to that supplement
  • Your ND knows the quality of the product and the expected results for you

However, it’s always your choice if you purchase from us or not. We support you no matter what.

How do you get your supplements?

  • You may purchase them at the clinic before or after your visit
  • You may come to the clinic during clinic hours
  • You may also call or email the clinic to order your supplements for pick-up
  • We offer contact-less pick-up outside our clinic doors
  • The doors of the building are open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday

Supplement “Rules”

  • Please note we may sell you products that your ND has prescribed or recommended. If you want something new, please speak to your ND first. Reception is not allowed to sell you something new.
  • We can only sell to our patients. We may sell to someone else if they show us a prescription or recommendation from another ND.

Please contact the clinic or talk to your ND if you have any questions about your supplements or how we can support you!

The Rooted Team