Well, I have needed to learn this lesson over and over.  Maybe this time I finally have it.

We all seem to get that we need to keep gas in our tank for our vehicles to work and batteries charged for our electronics to work.  Why does it seem so difficult to translate that back to ourselves?

When the phone battery starts to get low, we know that we shouldn’t use certain features due to their power drain.  We cut conversations short.  Just knowing that power is diminished affects our choices.  It gives us limitations.

We aren’t that different.  When we start to get drained, we start to conserve.  We start to make different choices.

It takes more energy to be patient, both with strangers and our loved ones.

It takes more energy to be fully engaged in the task at hand – whether that’s colouring with your kid or creating a new campaign.

Why not take breaks and re-charge before we have to start conserving?  Wouldn’t life flow with greater ease?

I know that mine does.

Control when you take breaks or they will control you.  Your body will shut down and force a break through illness, fatigue, depression, pain…it will use whatever it takes.

Try this – Take a lunch break away from your desk.  It will take you 15 minutes.  It will give you hours of renewed energy.