How do you think and speak about people who have what you want?  This could be the skinny fit people at the gym, it could be the family that drives the Mercedes and has their kids in private school, or it could be the women who get pregnant if they’re in the same room as their husbands.

Envy can be defined as ‘A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another’.

If you look at a thin fit person and call them names (silently in your head counts too!), that would be envy.  The question is, do you really believe that you will let yourself become that?

I would suggest that when you harbour negative feelings towards a certain group of people that you will consciously or subconsciously not allow yourself to be one of them.  Self-sabotage seems inevitable.

What if when you looked at a thin fit person/pregnant women/wealthy person and thought “Wow. What a beautiful person.  I want to be that too.  I wonder how they got there and what they do to stay there.”  Then you bring about curiosity.  Curiosity leaves the door open to become what you say that you desire.

So  next time you catch yourself saying nasty things about someone else, notice if it’s envy.  Then gently bring about curiosity.  It will feel like you lost 10 lbs!