I loved teaching the Learn How to Eat, Not How to Diet program.  Every week I was giving the wonderful gift of being with people who so openly shared their struggles and successes with eating and body image.

The program is on hiatus until I figure out how to share my thoughts and ideas about what leads to permanent weight loss.  I am on a personal quest of finding out what works.

I have shared about Geneen Roth in the past – a brilliant author that shares openly about her struggles to stop dieting and be a healthy weight.

Now I want to share about another program that I have experienced by Tony Robbins.  It is called The Path To Permanent Weight Loss.  What had me purchase the program was that it is not a diet program.  It is a ‘head’ program.

I listen to the CD’s at least a couple of times a week as I still learn something new each time that I listen.  He presents women who have come to seminars wanting to lose weight.  He takes them through a process (just talking) to understand what is driving them to the behaviour of over-eating.  I learned something about myself from each of the women presented.

The last CD has a process of action to move towards a more authentic way of being.  I did the process a few weeks ago.  The very next day, each person that I saw told me how beautiful that I looked.  Not one of them knew that I had done this program.

As with anything, participation in the process is key.  If you are ready to really be honest and look at what you believe to be true that is leading you to overeat, this is the program for you.  It was worth every penny and more.