40% of Canadians are below the “cut-off” according to Statistics Canada. But the “cut-off” is only 50nmol/L

For optimal health you need to be around 115nmol/L

Honestly, that’s not good enough. The majority of Canadians are walking around with sub-optimal vitamin D levels.

Why does Vitamin D matter?

Vitamin D is so important for your bone health, your mood (preventing SAD), your skin and your immune system.

Vitamin D Testing

We love to test your Vitamin D in your blood and then prescribe based on that. Not every Canadian needs the same dose or will absorb the same dose of their supplement.

Vitamin D Shots

We offer Vitamin D shots for patients who don’t want to take it orally on a daily basis, for those who have chronically low Vitamin D or for those who don’t absorb their supplements well.
Ask your Rooted ND if shots are good for you. FYI – We need blood work before we will do the Vitamin D shots.

Vitamin D Tablet vs Liquid

If Vitamin D shots are not for you, use a liquid vitamin D. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin so your body absorbs it way better in a liquid form than a tablet form.

We sell 2 types of Vitamin D liquid in 2 different flavours. We love to give you options!


If you’re a patient of the clinic – book your appointment with your ND now to discuss your own Vitamin D levels. We’re here to help!