So what is Weight Loss Resistance?

Weight loss resistance is essentially exactly what it states – an inability to lose weight, despite feeling like you’re doing and have tried absolutely everything to shed the pounds. Unfortunately, even though this phrase seems straightforward, weight loss resistance is vastly more intricate then that. It often involves any number of physiological systems that are out of whack or not functioning optimally, including our thyroid, adrenal, sex-hormones or digestive (to name a few)!
Regardless of increasing exercise, eating healthy, cutting calories and “doing all the right things”, the number on the scale just won’t budge, and can often leave you feeling utterly defeated.

How can an ND help you lose weight?

Part of my job as a Naturopathic Doctor is to identify the root cause of dysfunction in your body, and to not write off your concerns and symptoms as you simply not “giving it your full effort”. Weight loss resistance is complicated, and the idea that calories in vs calories out is the only factor impacting your ability to lose weight is simply inaccurate and outdated.
To uncover your hurdles to weight loss resistance (and eliminate them for good!), your initial intake will involve an in-depth investigation into your unique weight loss struggles. This is often followed by individualized testing to pinpoint the culprit (or culprits!) that are preventing you from losing weight. Whatever your obstacle, I have an extensive toolbox to help you achieve the results that have always seemed out of reach.
This may include:
  1. Lifestyle recommendations – sleep and stress are major players when it comes to weight loss resistance
  2. Individualized diet & exercise counselling – there is no “one-size fit’s all” to diet or exercise prescriptions and need to be tailored to your unique needs
  3. Identifying food intolerances & treating gut dysbiosis – constant inflammation in our gut wreaks havoc on our ability to digest the nutrients we need for proper hormone production
  4. Balancing hormones – whether it be thyroid, adrenal (think stress & cortisol as the main offenders), sex-hormone, insulin, or leptin imbalances – optimizing your hormone levels and patterns are key in weight loss resistance

Dr. Morgan Ramsay ND


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