With so much excitement and so many books about pregnancy, it’s sometimes hard to know what to eat.

While we believe that your body will tell you much of what you need, there is some promising research with respect to eating a Mediterranean Diet while pregnant.

Studies show that following a Mediterranean Diet while pregnant is associate with:

  • decreased wheezing in infants
  • less atopic diseases (eczema, food allergies, and asthma)

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

  • The base of the pyramid is having fun, being active, and eating with others
  • Then it emphasizes fruits, veggies, and unrefined grains as the base to meals
  • It then adds seafood twice weekly
  • Legumes and nuts are major protein sources eaten daily
  • Extra virgin olive oil is the main fat source
  • Poultry, eggs and dairy are consumed in favour of red meat that it only enjoyed a coupe of times per month
  • For dessert, fruit is the base

Not sure how to make this work for you?  Come on in for an assessment and let our doctors help you make the most of your pregnancy.