When people talk about the aphrodisiac foods, they talk about chocolate and oysters as the two biggest foods to get us in the mood. This may be the case, but you might want your man to avoid oysters and get him going in other ways.

Oysters are one of the foods that accumulates cadmium a toxic heavy metal, which is associated with increased immobile sperm. A study was published in the journal of Environmental Health in January 2011. They found that the presence of lead and cadmium in the reproductive tract of men was associated with increased percentage of immotile sperms. So, there was a correlation between high levels of heavy metals and men’s little swimmers that stopped swimming.

According to the World Health Organization, human exposure to cadmium occurs mainly from consuming contaminated foods, active and passive inhalation of tobacco smoke and inhalation by workers in the metal industry; mining, smelting, refining and fossil fuel combustion.

How can your man reduce his exposure to cadmium?

  • Limit or avoid oysters, scallops, mussels and crustaceans which accumulate cadmium
  • Quit smoking or avoid inhaling it around his friends. The tobacco plant accumulates cadmium in its leaves


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